6 Reasons Your Children Should Be In Martial Arts

6 Reasons Your Children Should Be In Martial Arts

1. Physical Fitness – Some argue that there is no greater workout than a martial arts class. It utilizes your entire body through cardio and strength training, as well as balance, hand-eye coordination, and bodily awareness. There are all shapes and sizes in a martial arts class, which makes it much more comfortable for overweight or less-athletic children to participate. Each student can easily progress at his or her own pace and do the exercises at their own level.

2. Confidence  Achieving anything gives a person confidence. In martial arts, there are constant achievements, and not just getting a new belt (although that is a huge confidence-booster). Children are constantly learning, improving, and mastering new techniques. They are also constantly getting positive reinforcement of their improvements from their instructor. There is much more one on one attention to progress in martial arts classes. This motivates the child and gives him or her confidence. Being able to defend yourself is another confidence booster. This happens in the brain as a result of our natural born instincts. When you are comfortable that you can defend yourself against predators, you are less jittery and more calm and confident. Consider a lion; he is definitely able to defend himself, thus he is always in a relaxed, confident state.

Kombat Children

Mini Dragon Showing No Fear

3. Self-Defense – There is a saying in martial arts, “you train every day for the moment you hope never comes.” We all teach our children the dangers of strangers, and how to keep themselves safe. It is important for any person to know how to defend him or herself in case that dreaded moment ever happens. Defense is half the battle when participating in martial arts. Children learn self-defense in martial arts classes, constantly being placed against an opponent, and learning how to deflect and counter attack their movements.

4. Outside Peers – School can be difficult for some children. There are still cliques, in-crowds, and outsiders. Martial arts schools give children an escape from that world, into an environment of positivity, where your humility, respect and hard work are rewarded; not your popularity. Having peers outside of their regular school is important to keep their lives in perspective and give them more opportunities to grow.


Some Our Teen Muay Thai Students

5. Discipline – Imagine a child with the respect and discipline of a marine. Imagine how far that child will go in life with that skill set at a young age. Martial arts improve children’s discipline, both physically and mentally. The ranking system, uniforms, bowing, formalities, forms, and exercises, all contribute to a military-like state of mind when the child steps onto the mat.


6. Work Ethic – One of the best lessons for a child to learn is to work hard. Hard work pays off, and only through hard work will you achieve your goals. Martial arts gives children the opportunity to put in hard work and achieve both tangible and intangible goals. Children will begin martial arts with the dream of a black belt, or the highest rank, and will be able to recognize their progression. They can look back and see how their hard work has paid off. This lesson crosses over into all any other activity, and will help them throughout their life.

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