A Conversation With Brandon Lalsingh

Catching Up

This week I got the chance to sit down with Kombat athlete Brandon Lalsingh, and talk about his upcoming Muay Thai tournament. We also did some catching up on how his training has been going and his plans for the future. Here is a brief recap of our conversation.

Getting into the Tournament

As some of you may already know, at the end of this month Brandon will compete in a four man tournament, where the winner will receive a sponsored trip to Thailand. The fight will take place in Stratford Ontario, witha group called Fifthround Promotions. The group has had Brandon on their radar for some time now, though Brandon credits Vanessa de Balen, one of Kombat’s up and coming female fighters, with actually putting him in contact with the group. Fifthround was very excited to have Brandon join the tournament, as it is set to bring together some of the top talent in Ontario, in that division.

The Competition

For Brandon, who is just coming off a huge win at the TBA’s, the tournament is a great opportunity. He is excited about the field, which he feels is more competitive then that of the TBA’s, one of North America’s biggest Muay Thai tournaments. Coupling the field with the fact that he could fight twice in one night, and that there’s a trip to Thailand on the line, and the event starts to look like a very interesting opportunity indeed. Brandon will need to be on the top of his game to take home the trip, but his training has been on point and  he’s feeling very good about his chances.

The Training

I asked Brandon about some of the specifics of what went into his training this year, that has him fighting consistently well, and he had a lot to say. Trust, in himself and the process, has been big on his mind this year. I believe, and I think Brandon would agree, that a big part of that comes from who he surrounds himself with. Under the  leadership of Kru Joey de Los Reyes, the fight program at Kombat Arts has been extremely consistent; and, as Brandon puts it, has been holding the fighters to a higher standard. It seems everyone is benefiting, judging by the quality of the fighters coming up now, including Brandon, who has mangaged to take on a leadership role in the program. Kombat has done an amazing job recognizing the value of such a role. For active fighters, it adds perspective and depth to their game, and for Brandon it seems it has done just that. When it comes down to it though, his commitment to the daily grind and love of the sport really seem to be one of Brandon’s biggest assets. It was great to hear how he has managed to tie all theses things together.

The Future

Lastly we talked about what Brandon’s hopes are for his future in Muay Thai. When I asked him about his long term plans in the sport, he said that he would love to be able to open his own gym one day; noting that obviously, he would like to try his hand at going pro first. It was good to know that this year that dream became a lot clearer through some of his trainig sessions with people like Matt Embree, who fought in Glory Kickboxing tournament this year. He has also spent some time training with Tony Manoharan, who has trained with athletes like John Wayne Parr. He credits this kind of exposure with making his goals feel more accessible, and again, it is evident in his new found confidence.

Don’t Miss Out

It was great to catch up with Brandon, hear about his training and his plans. With everything we talked about, it seems to me that his upcoming tournament is shaping up to be a real treat for Kombat fans. Good Luck Brandon!

For More info about the fight you can check out our news section here:

Brandon Lalsingh’s 4 Man Tournament

For tickets see Joey personally, or ask at the front desk. We look forward to seeing you there!