A Short Hyperwear Slam Bell Routine at Kombat Arts Mississauga

A short Hyperwear Sand Bell Routine we use at Kombat Arts Mississauga. This is usually done with a partner (you can’t see them, they’re on the far left out of camera view dying).

Person A slams the Sandbell, and hops over it, doing this the length of our training floor. While he is doing this, his partner, Person B is doing push ups, at the starting position (far left).

At the end of the gym, Partner A does 10 sandbell slams. He then has to slam the bell, and hop over it, all the way back to his starting position, where Partner B is working out, to switch places with him. This is the person doing the push ups. When his Partner A is coming back with the sand bell, Partner B will stop doing the push ups and do alternate lunges.

The guys did 4 sets, with 1 min break in between. Enjoy! (sorry for the poor quality, this was a last minute thing on a poor camera…just felt like taping the guys having fun and “dying”. But you get the idea!)

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