Bruce Lee Hayabusa sale back on for Wednesday

Alright, the Bruce Lee Birthday equipment sale is back on for tomorrow at 6 p.m.! Drop by the Kombat Arts pro shop tomorrow to check out all the top-notch Hayabusa products and to take advantage of some great savings. Here’s the full rundown again:

Wednesday, November 30
6 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

10-15% off great HAYABUSA gear including
Shorts . . . $65
Rash guards . . . $55
Uwagi jackets . . . $140
Uwagi jackets (lightweight) . . . $130
Gloves . . . approx. $105
Shin pads . . . approx. $100
Hand wraps . . . $10


There is nothing better than free-style sparring in the practice of any combative art. In sparring you should wear suitable protective equipment and go all out. Then you can truly learn the correct timing and distance for the delivery of the kicks, punches, etc.”
-Bruce Lee

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