boxings greatest highlight

Can’t be touched!!!

What’s Swagger? It’s confidence, rhythm, timing, style, technique and poise all wrapped up into one word. It’s expressing your belief in yourself, your training, and your skills. It’s the way you carry yourself when you when you know you can’t be stopped.

I consider this to be the best highlight real of any boxer ever.  Some would argue that he was the best pound for pound boxer of all time when he was at his prime. Take a look at Roy Jones Jr’s swag and prepare to be entertained.

Just a few facts about Roy:

  • He was named fighter of the decade in the 90’s
  • He is a world champ in 4 weight divisions. (middle-heavyweight)
  • Beat Bernard Hopkins with a broken hand.
  • Unbeaten in his 50 fights until the age of 35. Unfortunately his main weapon was speed and power, and it seems he’s lost some speed in his age.

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