Boxing Classes | Kombat Arts Mississauga


Boxing is an ancient sport that dates back to Ancient Greece. In modern history, it was used to settle disputes between English men in the 18th century. Fortunately boxing shook off its pugilistic appearance as it was adopted into universities and the armed forces.

Now it is recognized as a combat sport where two contestants face each other in a ring and wear padded gloves and fight a certain number of rounds at a defined weight limit. The goal is to attack the opponent using a combination of fast and powerful punches above the waist to score points or knock the opponent out.

While Boxing is only a striking sport and a fists-only striking sport at that, Boxing may not seem like a full body workout. However, it certainly is. Throwing punches alone requires a great deal of stamina and is superb cardio. When you combine this with the bobbing and weaving and footwork that Boxing requires, you’ve got a great workout. On average, Boxing burns about 461 calories per hour.

Boxing is the sweet science of hitting without getting hit.  It has great conditioning (which is a weapon in itself), head movement, footwork, formidable strikes with the hands and Boxing makes you very athletic.  Boxing does not teach any kicking, grappling, weapons skills, and because it is a sport, there are rules, so foul techniques (eye jabs, groin hits etc.) are not trained.

If you are interested in competing in Boxing, first you must show your commitment by coming to our scheduled classes on a regular basis.  Once we see that you are committed, have developed an understanding of the basics and show that you are genuinely interested in competition, you are then invited to our Fighters’ classes.

In these classes, you will be taught the techniques and tactics that will help develop you into a KOMBAT Athlete.  We will teach you about a training camp, sparring, how to structure your workouts outside of the gym, nutrition, recovery processes, the proper competition mindset, and if necessary direct you to the proper health care specialists, if you happen to get injured.

Once we see that you are consistent and are improving in our Fighters’ classes, we work to get you a bout (fight) that is suitable for your skill level and training age.

Here is a short list of why our students love to take our Boxing classes:

  • It is definitely a great workout and a lot of people like to do boxing to reduce the stress in their lives. Again, what can be better than smashing pads and heavy bags?
  • Boxing is so mainstream. It is still an Olympic sport and for the longest time was adopted by our armed forces, universities and the YMCAs.

  • This combat sport is relatively easy to learn in comparison to other martial arts. However do not let that simplicity fool you. There are a lot of tactics, techniques and subtle nuances that are part of the "sweet science" of boxing.
  • Boxing is great to combine with other martial arts systems in order to develop a much more rounded self defense system.