CSC Grand Prix this weekend: 10 warriors representing Kombat in K1 and AMMA

CASK’s Grand Prix is going down this weekend October 5-7 in Burlington, and Team Kombat will be there to compete in both K-1 kickboxing and AMMA amateur mixed martial arts. Kru Brian Naidu has all the info below:

This weekend, the Kombat Arts Training Academy will have 10 warriors step into the ring to bring back the gold.

For the first time ever we have five athletes from our Teen Muay Thai program competing as well! Unfortunately though, our TBA Champ Sahil wasn’t able to find an opponent.

First time athletes are: Brandon, Riley and Satpal

Light Contact:

John Said – Friday @ 7pm
Sammi Said – Friday @ 7pm
Rahul Sharma – Friday @ 7pm
Cameron Pike – Friday @ 7pm

K1 Rules:

Carolyn Carty – Saturday @ 7pm
Satpal Sangha – Saturday @ 7pm
Brandon Lalsingh – Friday @ 8pm


Marc Gordon
Riley Skyba
Kyran Cameron

Here is the location and Bracket information for the weekend.

Saturday, October 5 – Sunday, October 7

Sherwood Forest Park Soccer Dome
5270 Fairview Street
Burlington, ON


Friday October 5th – 4 pm (for all bouts on Friday)
Saturday October 6th – 7 am (for all bouts on Saturday)
Sunday October 7th – 7 am (for all bouts on Sunday)

ALL ATHLETES PLEASE NOTE THE WEIGH-IN TIMES: DO NOT BE LATE! Show up 30 min early, late athletes may be disqualified.


Light Contact Bouts – 7 pm
Tatami AMMA Bouts – 7 pm
Kickboxing Bouts – 8 pm

Kickboxing Bouts – 1 pm
Kickboxing Bouts – 7 pm

Ring AMMA Bouts – 10 am
Ring AMMA Bouts – 1 pm

Tickets for spectators – daily pass is $20.00. Weekend passes available.
To order tickets, click here for Eventbrite.

Coaches for the weekend:

Kru Brian Naidu
Kru David Edwards
Edgar O.
Chris Hill
Jeff Hsiung

-Kru Brian

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