Dealing with Bullies

I guess some things don’t change.  You would think that with a more “forward thinking” informed, educated generation that people would know better than to bully each other; but I guess not.  History has a tendancy to repeat itself, and we will always have someone or some group trying to oppress another.  Just take a look at this article about this Mississauga resident having to deal with bullies.  I think martial arts is a great way to teach someone to deal with bullies, and no I am not talking about physical retaliation.  I’m talking about having the assertiveness and awareness to avoid this situation and if necessary, stand up to these bullies.  And yes if necessary have the physical skills needed to defend yourself if there is no other option.  What would you do if you were bullied, whether at school, the work place or even by your “friends” and family? 

If you know someone who can get a big boost in self confidense and awareness skills have them check out Hector’s Mini Dragons class or if they are a female teen I would recommend Linda’s RAVEN course; these are both very good anti-bully / bully prevention courses-Jd