Dare To Be Different: Kombat Arts

Dare To Be Different: Kombat Arts

When shopping around for different martial arts club there are usually two routes:

  • Just sign up and get tossed into the main classes.  Not really shopping.  You get dazzled by all the chrome and glitter and smooth sales talk and sign your life away.
  • Or you get to try them out for a period of time.  It can be anywhere from two classes to a whole month.

However, don’t let that free trial fool you.  Most of the time that means getting tossed into a class, and you have to try to learn as the class moves along.  In other words you will be put into a class where everyone knows what to do, except you.  Imagine learning how to SWIM like that?!

So how are we DIFFERENT?


Well we do offer a FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL.  But after that, we are DIFFERENT from other martial arts training centers.

1) We have dedicated scheduled classes, called Intro classes, for those trying out the free trial.  In other words, you will not be put in the main class until you have been properly introduced to the basic techniques and when you feel like you are ready to move to the main classes.  For some classes, like Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Konditioning ,we have no Intro classes, because they are already small classes, or they do not require as much technical detail.

2) During this Intro class, we will take the time to introduce the fundamental basic techniques to you.  We will go at your pace.  In other martial arts gyms they will just let you hit the bags, pads or worse, each other, without going over the technical aspects of the technique.  This can lead to injuries and start the student off on the wrong path of incorrect technique.  Anyone can make you hit the bag and make you tired.  But how does this help your technique?

3) After your first visit, we will do two things: make sure you enjoyed yourself and see if you want to come back.  Other martial arts clubs will want to sign you up.  They will make ANY deal to sign you up.  This is called High Pressure Sales Tactics or Used Car Salesmanship.

You see, when you join a large commercial gym, the goal is to get at least one member per square foot.  At least one.  So if a club has 10,000 sq. ft., they need 10, 000 members.  So they will offer ANY price to get you to join.  But here’s the catch.  They hope you don’t show up.

Let’s be realistic, what would they do if 10, 000 people showed up to train?! But they are banking that you won’t show up.  Here is how a commercial gym works:

Do anything to sign them up, and once we have their money, we can forget about properly training them.

4) We have a progressive system.  We use a system that allows us to easily teach you our approach to the martial arts.  We teach you the alphabet, words, sentences and eventually how to make stories.  In other words when you come through our program, you are being taught a system.  Not being shown things that make no sense or don’t naturally follow a progressive system.

5) You get to see the environment you will be training in.  You can speak with the other students.  Talk to the other instructors and observe how they relate to the students in our martial arts community.  We give you enough time during the free trial to actually see how we conduct our classes and our business.

6) We get to see if you are a good fit for our academy.  The KOMBAT ARTS TRAINING ACADEMY has been around for more than 18 years.  It is an academy to train in the martial arts, a community and to some a Family.  Whereas commercial gyms are interested in only making money, we are also interested in making a difference.  We do that through the martial arts and through our KOMBAT Values.  So of course we want to protect what we have made…and the Intro Lessons allow us to also evaluate you, as you also take the opportunity to evaluate us.

So when you are looking for a martial arts club, please consider these points.  Better yet, why not just try us out today?

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