Free Brazilian Jiu Jitsu For Beginners Course

Free Brazilian Jiu Jitsu For Beginners Course

New to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Ever wanted to try a new martial art?

Have you ever imagined how to control an attacker through the martial arts?

Then sign up for our course, BJJ for Beginners, starting January 30th at 11am.​

The course will run for 5 weeks, for every Saturday at 11am. This will be a small class; space will be limited. No uniform will be required…but if you have a BJJ Gi, please bring it.

  • You will learn the proper warm up for BJJ
  • You will learn the essential movements on the ground for BJJ
  • You will learn the positions and terms for BJJ
  • You will learn how to perform various submissions (locks) from each position
  • You will increase your flexibility, functional strength and conditioning
  • You will train with other beginners in a safe clean environment with our KOMBAT family

So if you want to to learn a new skill, get in great shape and expand your mind with this beautiful art, then Register Today



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