Got the Winter Blues? Try This Dumb Bell Routine

If this weather is getting you down, and you don’t feel like getting into your car and driving to the gym, try this very simple effective dumb bell routine. You can still work out at home…there is no reason to get out of shape!

This is a short dumb bell routine that you can use with relatively light weights, in a short amount of time, in a small area. I actually use this routine when I am traveling, or for my clients who travel a lot.

It is a modified version of the Gary Gray 3D Matrix, shared with me at a JC Santana certification course.

Ideally try to do this routine, safely of course, within 2 minutes. About 3 sets, with a minute rest. If you can safely do this, with good form, than consider going to a slightly heavier weights.

Good luck! Kru Joey de Los Reyes

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