Instinct MMA 3 Results: Kombat’s Frank Marques submits Johnny Grigware

Kombat Arts MMA instructor Frank Marques submitted his opponent, Johnny Grigware, via arm bar in the second round of their bout at Instinct MMA 3 on Saturday.

Here’s the play-by-play from Don Wilson:

Rd1: Marques eats a big uppercut from Grigware as he muscles in for the takedown, Marques uses thecae (sic) and a double leg to get Grigware to the canvas. Marques passes to half guard. Marques continually postures up, backs out of guard then jumps right back into Grigware’s half guard. Marques postures up again this time delivering some powerful punches, then transitioning to heel hook but is unsuccessful. Marques ends the round laying on top of Grigware in north south position.

Rd2: Grigware attempts a body kick, Marques catches it and trips Grigware to the canvas. Marques back in half guard seems to be insulating Grigware’s shoulder and arm, Marques postures up allows Grigware to turn and takes his back, beautiful bait and switch by Marques. Marques with loose legs allows Grigware to turn into his mount. Marques uses a high mount to isulate (sic) and trap Grigware’s arm. Marques rolls back and cinches in the arm bar for the tap out. Marques showed some beautiful and methodical jits throughout this fight.

Marques submits Grigware via Arm Bar @ 4:56 of Rd2

Big congratulations go out to Frank “The Tank” from everyone here at the Kombat Arts Training Academy! With the victory, Marques brings his professional record to 2-0, both wins coming via submission.

Full Instinct MMA 3 results below.

Peter Nolan def. Sebastien Gauthier via submission (RNC), Round 1
Brandon Thatch def. Jory Erickson via KO (Knee), Round 1
Stephane Pelletier def. Melvin Blumer via submission (Arm Bar), Round 1
Moise Rimbon def. D.J. Linderman via Unanimous Decision
Alex Laramée def. Emmanuel Crevier via TKO (Retirement) @ 5:00 of Round 1
Anselmo Gutierrez def. Guillaume Vigneau via TKO, Round 2
Strahinja Gavrilovic def. Alex Pelletier via submission (Kimura), Round 3
Rémy Bussières def. Bruno Lurette via KO, Round 2
Derek Parker def. Dave Bedard via submission (RNC), Round 1
Loyd Galindo def. Alexandre Gauthier via submission (RNC), Round 3
Yves Lemelin def. Jason Riley via Unanimous Decision
Guy Poulin def. Ken Macleod via TKO, Round 1
Kevin Lee def. Levis Labrie via Unanimous Decision
Frank Marques def. Johnny Grigware via submission (Arm Bar), Round 2
Yanick Duval def. Sasha Maheux via TKO, Round 1

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