Kick Like Jon Jones Part 2

So in a previous post I was discussing some of the kicks that Jon Jones is famous for.

In this post I wanted to show one of the kicks in more detail. Here I show the chasse lateral (side kick) from the martial art Savate or the sport form, Boxe Francaise with one of the youngest highly ranked Boxe Francaise Savate practitioners in North America, Roberto Mastromarini. (sorry for the bad audio)

The kick is typically made with the heel of the foot. Ideally it should be throw with the foot at a 45 degree angle, as compared to being parallel to the floor. I find that this allows multiple kicks, like a piston effect. The hips are also more lined up (facing forward), and this can help when stopping takedowns.

It can be thrown like the Muay Thai teep; stopping forward motion from your opponent. And ideally it should be thrown at the quad muscle of your opponent.

Another way to set up this kick is to use boxing techniques, then angling out to the side to attack your opponent’s leg.

In a future article I will show the oblique kick, as it is thrown from a Muay Thai practitioner. Enjoy!

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