Knife Attack: Expectation Vs Reality

Knife Attack: Expectation Vs Reality

This isn’t a knife fight. This is unarmed defense against a knife. A knife fight is knife against knife.

Of course you should run away when someone takes a weapon to you. However: what if you can’t? What if the environment doesn’t allow you to do that? What if you have dependents with you?

Some people commented: don’t bring a knife to a knife fight; bring a gun. Of course. That is also common sense. One, I would not go to a knife fight. Two if I had to for some obscure reason, I would bring a gun, or just try and run him over with a car.


A blackbelt BJJ guy said to me: don’t ever get into a knife fight. This is also logical. Again. I would not get into a knife fight. And I don’t wear a sign saying “looking for a knife fight”. And of course if you’re a smart law abiding person, you will probably rarely if ever get into a knife fight. But what is the answer if you are attacked….without your permission and consent like these guys make it sound. What is the answer even though it might be a very slim chance.

Obviously stay away from places and people that increase the chance of getting attacked with persons known to attack people with weapons. Obvious right?

Visualize beforehand what you would do if confronted with an edged weapon attack: If by myself I would do this…if I’m with my wife I would do this…

Understand your value system. What would you fight for? What are you willing to risk and what are you willing to do to your attacker? What is your fighting mindset?

Develop your Spider sense: read body languages, watch for reaching of weapons, what are pre-attack indicators?

Develop situational awareness. Where are the exits? Can’t run…are there nearby improvised weapons?

Are you in relative shape to defend yourself?

Have you gained some proficiency in learning how to use weapons/improvised weapons against an attacker? Any unarmed technique from any martial art and reality based self defense system that will allow you to reduce the chances of you getting cut while allowing you to stop your attacker. It’s that simple and that hard.

Of course we know that being attacked by an edged weapon is dangerous, and of course we know that in the reality, there is a great chance that you will be hurt, or even killed.

But if you could not run away, and this person was going to kill you, and you were the only thing stopping this person from killing your family, would you really remember this video and just give up and die?


[sd_video id=”j55d8uqvKDQ” type=”youtube” align=”center”]


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