Kombat Challenge 2010 summary

For those who couldn’t make it out last month, here is how all our athletes performed at the Kombat Challenge:

  • Rick Stagg won via unanimous decision
  • Daniel Sanchez won via unanimous decision, but got injured and could not fight his second bout in the evening
  • John Rob won via decision
  • Caroline Carty lost via split decision
  • David Nocitra edged a majority draw
  • Lee Kim edged a majority draw
  • Paolo Dultra drew with his opponent

I noticed some spectators were confused as to what “majority draw” meant, and I can hardly blame them. This is one of THE RAREST outcomes in a fight. In a majority draw, two judges score the fight a draw, while the third judge scores it for a clear winner. The most recent example of note is probably last November at UFC 106, Caol Uno vs. Fabricio Camoes. That we saw two majority draws at the same event shows what great match-ups the Kombat Challenge featured. A full day of awesome competition!

From your Kru Joey: Thanks to all of the following that volunteered their time at the Kombat Challenge 2010.  I am sorry if I have missed anyone, please let me know…

Adrian A

Alice Soon

All of the staff and officials from the CASK organization

Dr. Darren Edelist

Carolyn Zepf from Ultimate Sports Therapy

Daniel Thiessan from coreperformance.ca

Sean Lasseter from Fairtex Canada and their awesome donation of gloves for our raffle

Martin Duncan and Suzanne Chevalier and their generous donation of a Harley Davidson jacket for our raffle

Igor Camber from Shoeless Joes AMC and their generous donation of a $100 gift certificate for our raffle

All of the Kombat Athletes!

Amelia Cordova

Andrew Bolechwsky

Angel Rosas

Anish Sharma

Kunal Pun

Brian Naidu

Chelsea Orser

Chris Butler

Coach Rafael Delgado

Dave Beckles

David Edwards

Domenic Valentini

Chris Hill

Donna Sukovski

Ella Dlongzon

Eugene Kamennoy

Grayson Etcobanez

Jakub Mulik

Edward Nguyen

James Ver

Jeffrey Kearns

Jessica Klesc

John Temprile from Electric Groove

June Kow

Kam Agarwal

Kelly Mills

Kru Eddie de Nobrega

Kru Roberto Herrera

Mala Singh

Michelle Sturino

Mike M



Rohan Larmond

Sammy Allouba

Sean Fulgencio

Jason Garcha

Jesse Pocino

Sequel Supplements

Simran Mann

Sylwester Organka

Tobias Liu

Jeremy Purdy

Vik Sharma from Subway

Vincent Wong

Stay tuned for more pics from the event later this week!