Last Day of Training

  So Mehdi’s last day of training was yesterday and this time he trained boxing with Perry.  Mehdi worked through 12 rounds, 3 minutes in length with a 1 minute rest.  Great stuff!  Perry is one of those old school boxers with great stories.  To me he is “Uncle Perry”!  Back when he used to do boxing, you shadow boxed, to perfect your technique for 2 months before you hit anything.  Wow!  Imagine the patience you needed for that.  I attached some piks of old boxing posters around Mehdi’s school, because I thought they would be cool and motivational.

We finished off today’s training by feasting at Earl’s restaurant and finishing off the meal with Gingerbread cake!  Man I am going to have to train when I get back; I’ve gained 3 lbs from all this eating!

Josip and I than went back and finally after a marathon of XBOX, we finished Call of Duty 5!  Man, what a great game J .  I than got 2 hrs sleep, rushed to the airport to leave BC, 8.00 AM their time, got back at the gym to conduct a Thai boxing test, and now I am home.  I am thankful for Mehdi, Josip, Barb and the rest of the KB-1 family for being generous with their hospitality, and I am also glad to be home with my wife :), friends and Kombat family! Jd