Latest BJJ Results from Kombat Mississauga

Hey guys, congrats go out to the following athletes who medaled in the latest BJJ tournament!  Congrats also to all of those that competed and supported each other for this competition!  If I missed anyone, please send me an email to [email protected]/blog.  Also if there are any piks, please send them to me to that same email address-Jd

Super Super Heavy (221.0+)

1st: Timothy Doon, Kombat Arts

2nd: Corey Trach, Warrior MMA

3rd: Chris Pesavento, Kombat Arts

3rd: Jason Huie, Gracie Barra London


Heavy (-188.5)

1st: Dennis Brianski, Alpha MMA

2nd: Jordan Tapper, Kombat Arts

Super Heavy (-196.5)

1st: Mitchell Muir, Team Ascension

2nd: Michael Gouge, Kombat Arts


White Belt

Light (-167.5)

1st: Greg Deschenes, Kombat Arts

2nd: Fred Wong, Team Ascension

No-Gi Divisions

Medium-Heavy (-188.5)

1st: Andy Stratas, Revolution MMA

2nd: Luigi Bianco, Mecca MMA

3rd: Shawn Sequeria, Kombat Arts

3rd: Brett Maltby, Borelands