Lazy Sunday Link Dump: In Memory of Shawn Tompkins edition

  • So you want to be an effing fighter? You better learn how to balance a budget. Check out this sobering piece on “The Economics of MMA.” [SB Nation MMA]
  • Level-up your life with these tips on how to overcome plateaus. My favourite: “Embrace the suck.” [Art of Manliness]
  • Get your lols with this funny-because-it’s-true comedy sketch about the hilarity of “light” rolling sessions. [I Love BJJ]
  • Fantastic two-part breakdown of Anderson Silva’s Muay Thai clinch work. (And Rich Franklin’s clinch defense as well.) Will we see the Spider unleash some of his devastating knees at UFC 134? [Bloody Elbow]
  • Check out my girl Zoe Saldana kicking butt in this behind-the-scenes fight vignette from her new action flick, Columbiana. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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