Live from the Motherland III: The Donuts and Balut Miracle Diet

In this letter we find out what Kru Joey’s been up to in his leisure time and what his diet has been like. Apparently if you want washboard abs like Kru Joey’s, you need to get yourself a hammock and a double dosage of Krispy Kreme donuts. Or maybe not. (But balut eggs are a delicious source of protein, if you ask me. You just need to eat them with the lights out. Read on.)

I am now residing in Manila. Wow, what a city! My cousin Jerissa and Karla have been keeping me really busy with a lot of shopping and touring. I got to go to the Manny Pacquiao store and I could have spent ALL of my cash there! As usual I have been eating a lot! The malls here are really huge and our shopping expeditions take up the whole day. You can find stores like the Gap, Banana Republic, Lacoste, Coach, Adidas, Nike, Krispy Kreme, Mrs Fields, Starbucks and some really high end stores.

Typically I wake up, work out, eat, then go to sleep. Then wake up again, eat, and go shopping. Eat again, and then we find some way of entertaining ourselves.

On one day I hooked up with Nick, a close friend of Edgar’s, and we went everywhere! One of the highlights was taking a look at some of the condos. The Philippines is really developing, albeit slowly. We went to a few other places, but it’s not for public record ;).

On another night I had balut with a pre-chaser of Krispy Kreme donuts, followed with another chaser of Krispy Kreme donuts ;). If you want to know what balut is, Google it. But you’ve been warned; it’s not for the faint of heart!

I’m having a great time here guys. But it is time for me to start packing my bags; this will take a few days! I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to my Mom for really spending a lot of time educating me, teaching me a lot and instilling in me a lot of great traits and skills. Thxs Mom! Thanks for introducing me to a crazy caring family. Thanks to my HUGE family that really took care of me. My aunts who made sure I ate every micro second, my uncles and cousins for showing me the night life and all of my cousins who really kept me entertained. I am so lucky. I will be sorry to leave you guys. Oh well another chapter closed, time to pack my bags…