Look Kevin Nabbie!

Ok we took this prop plane to get to Austria.  I haven’t been in a prop plane since we had an athlete fight in Alaska.  It was cool and at times a little frightening being on this plane, especially as my seat was right by the props.  When I stood up, my head almost touched the ceiling!  Kind of reminded me of when I flew Cessnas when I was younger; I should go back and try to fly again.

When we landed in Austria, the view was breathtaking.   Right behind the airport was a beautiful landscape with a lot of rolling hills and mountains.  We jumped on a bus (probably one of many for this trip) and made our way to the weigh ins.  I was happy to see a McDonalds (that’s for Kevin).  The weigh ins were pretty calm, yet drawn out.  There are 600 athletes registered so far!  Some of our athletes will have to lose weight for tomorrow’s weigh ins.

It was time to make it to our accommodations; a bunch of bungalows!  The food was awesome.  It was my 2nd meal of the day only, so I was mildly happy to have 2 plates!  Look Kevin Nabbie there’s meat!

And I’m happy with our accommodations; the only problem is that Internet is almost impossible to get.  Here are some piks.  Kevin eat your heart out!!!  Check out my room!  Ok guys, tomorrow is training, site seeing and keeping the troops motivated.  Time to pass out.  It’s 11.00 PM here, 5.00 PM your time.  I’ve been on the plane for a long time.  Crash time-Jd