Muay Thai, Savate and Jun Fan Kickboxing Seminar at Kombat Mississauga

KATA Seminar June 2013My instructor, Salem Assli will be at the Kombat Arts to teach a two day seminar on Muay Thai, savate and Jun Fan Kickboxing, starting on June 15.

This seminar is open to all skill levels. Personally I find that you get the following things from each martial art:

Muay Thai: forward aggression, very simple, yet highly effective combinations, great use of the body as a weapon, unsurpassed clinching skills.

Savate: great footwork, flows smoothly from boxing to kicking skills, a wide range of kicks to add to your tool box and attacks from various angles.

Jun Fan Kickboxing: this is one component of Bruce Lee’s interpretation of Jeet Kune Do, and flows great from kicking to boxing to clinch range, great footwork, and I like it’s 5 ways of attacks for tactics.

On top of that, all of these striking arts are great for overall athletic conditioning!

Here is a video showing a match under heavily modified rules between Ramon Dekker (Muay Thai) and Pennacchio Francois (Savate). It is very unfortunate that Ramon Dekker passed away this year, at a very young age.

Ramon Dekker vs Pennacchio Francois

Register now for this seminar and get a great discount:

2 Days of Muay Thai, Savate and Jun Fan Kickboxing Training

1 Day of Muay Thai, Savate and Jun Fan Kickboxing Training