Natasha “The Nightmare” Spence, WBF Super Lightweight Champion!

Natasha “The Nightmare” Spence, WBF Super Lightweight Champion!


Kombat Arts Training Academy is very proud to announce their First World Title Championship Belt. Natasha “The Nightmare” Spence captured the WBF Super Lightweight Title on May 7th, during the Mayham Madness event at The Allient Energy Centre (Madison, Wisconsin). “The Nightmare” Won by Unanimous decision against a very resilient opponent, Jasmine Clarkson, from Dallas Texas. Natasha trains at Kombat Arts Training Academy on a full time basis with Coach Socrates Celestial. Keep your eyes open for much more to come from Team NIGHTMARE in the near future!


To get to know Natasha a bit better, here is a short biography, in her own words:

“Boxing…is one of the toughest sports out there.

It’s a sport I live and breath, a sport I have dedicated my life to and a sport that has become my main purpose.

Boxing…is not only a sport in which I have been gifted a special talent, but also the exact reason I was created. I walked into my first boxing club eleven years ago, from that very moment I undoubtedly knew that the day I would achieve greatness would surely come. As long as I stayed wholeheartedly dedicated and disciplined, that day would come- it was only a matter of time.

Eleven years later, disciplined and completely dedicated, that day is literally within reach.

Five years in and only Fifteen Amateur fights later, the next move for me was to compete at the Professional level. My name was rapidly becoming known in the Amateurs, and Women were shying away from me at shows and tournaments, which is what lead to the decision to move up in competition.

I am currently 8(6 KOs)-2-1 as a Professional, and the WBF Junior Welterweight World Champion.”


My heart and home is in the gym, and ring. Fulfilling my goal and destiny has absolutely possessed my mind and soul, so much that my body has no choice but to follow. I’m often asked;

“How I do it”?

“How I stay so disciplined?”

“How I push myself to exhaustion everyday, when others make excuses?”

“How I always seem to work harder than everyone around me?”
What I say… “I am not everyone else, that’s how.”

I AM THE NIGHTMARE & I WILL Achieve Greatness!

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