New Revgear Gear in the Pro Shop!!!

Hi Kombat,

Just wanted to let you know we got some new Revgear Shin Guards and Hand Wraps in the pro shop.  These are probably the best shin guards out there.  They are super light for fast kicking.  They are well cushioned to help protect your shin but not overly cushioned so your opponent still respects your power.  They stay in place, rarely shift and the velcro straps almost never come undone keeping you focused on your training, not on adjusting your gear.  (This could be a bad choice for those looking for a quick equipment adjustment time-out in the middle of a difficult sparring session—but that’s not the Kombat way).  They are tough and durable and easy to clean and maintain for years of performance.  They are my shin guards of choice, as they are for almost all of the senior students.  These shin pads are awesome and they never last long, and they are hard to come by, so if you want them get them now before they are gone.

As well the Revgear hand wraps have always gotten rave reviews.  They have just the right amount of elasticity and are tough and durable for those gruelling bag sessions Sifu puts us through.  But like the Shin Pads, they don’t last long and we don’t often get them in so if you want them, pick them up soon before they are all gone.