New Self Defense Class at Kombat Arts

Hey guys, we will be morphing the Jeet Kune Do / Jun Fan class into a Self Defense Concepts class.

The purpose of this class is to teach different techniques and tactics from various martial arts, military and defensive tactics sources that enable an individual to defend themselves in the kicking, boxing, clinch and grappling ranges, with or without weapons, against one or many opponents.

Most of the empty hand techniques come from Jeet Kune Do.  Through his personal experience Bruce Lee found many arts/styles had impressive techniques to offer but no one art was able to cover all areas of defense.  This basic philosophical approach to combat is known as Jeet kune Do.  Over the years our particular style of JKD has evolved to cover components from CSW, Kali, Muay Thai boxing, Savate, Boxing and Jun Fan Gung Fu.

The weapon defense techniques come from Kali and such Law Enforcement courses from Modern Warrior, PPCT Management Systems and  This class will also touch on the physiological effects of combat on the body, the mindset that is necessary for self defense and the mindset of the attacker, verbal de-escalation skills, use of force, environmental considerations and legal issues.

This new class will start next week and the times will be tentatively set for Tues at 7.00 and Thurs at 6.00 PM-Joey de Los Reyes