Muay Thai Testing


Muay Thai Testing This September

The next Muay Thai Testing has now been scheduled. Those of you who wish to test for either your Green Shorts or Green Advanced, can mark your calendars for Saturday September 9th. For those of you who would like to test for your Red Shorts or Red Advanced you can mark your calendars for Saturday September 16th.

What You Need To Know

The Pre-Test: as with every Muay Thai test, you must see one of the instructors for a pre-test, which you can book at the front desk. The pre-test is designed to ensure you meet the requirements for the level you will be testing for. All techniques will be outlined on your pre-test sheet, which your instructor must sign off on before you can test.

Conditioning: your pre-test won’t include conditioning, but the actual test does. The tests will be approximately one and a half hours in length for green shorts, and up to two hours for Red Shorts. This includes a conditioning aspect that will be outlined on your pre-test sheet.  You will be responsible for the conditioning yourself, however, if you have been attending classes regularly, you should be more then ready.

What to Wear: on the day of the test, you must be in Thai shorts, and a white t-shirt, or any t-shirt with the Kombat Arts logo on it. You must bring your own gear which includes for green shorts: hand wraps and gloves. For green advanced and above: hand wraps, gloves, shin pads, and a mouth guard.

The Dates

Once again the dates for the test are as follows:

Green Shorts and Green Advanced: Saturday September 9th

Red Shorts and Red Advanced: Saturday September 16th

If you have any further questions about the testing feel free to ask at the front desk, or anyone of our talented instructors, and of course Best of Luck!