Personal training with the Jay D movement

Everyone, give a warm welcome to Jason de los Reyes (last name sound familiar?) aka “Jay D” to the Kombat Arts family.  No, not Fedor, the dude on the left!

Jay D is a personal trainer who will be doing private lessons at the club and hopefully some boot camps as well in the near future.

“Sacrifice”, “Determination” and “Limitless” are all words synonymous with Jason “Jay D” de los Reyes and his training methodology.

Blending old school, primal training with current science, Jay D provides a safe and progressive atmosphere for any student interested in fat-loss or improving their strength and conditioning. Through the use of joint mobility exercises, barbells, kettlebells, Indian clubs, sandbags and good ol’ fashioned bodyweight, it is obvious that Jay D is a Modern Day Physical Culturist who promotes movement as a way of life.

• BA Specialized Honours Kinesiology and Health Science, York U 2006
• Certified Kinesiologist (CK, Ontario Kinesiology Association)
• Certified Coach, Coaching Association of Canada (NCCP I)
• Certified Kettlebell Coach (AKC I, Agatsu: under Shawn Mozen)
• Certified Powerlifting/Olympic Weightlifting Barbell Coach
(AABBC I, Agatsu: under Pierre Auge, Willie Albert)
• Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (CanFit Pro PTS)
• 5 years experience in training, from law enforcement officers to CEOs to fighters
to stay-at-home moms

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