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Coach Brian Naidu at SparfestWe here at Kombat are big advocates of the benefits of keeping a fitness log. Doing so can keep you motivated, help you remember lesson plans and workout routines, and make it easier to notice negative patterns and develop positive habits.

With that in mind, be sure to check out Coach Brian Naidu’s blog — with some new goals for the year, he’s back to writing regularly and he’s been posting some really good stuff.

Here’s what he’s aiming for:

Now for new goals and focus.

  1. Drop another 20lbs. Strategy to achieve this will be to be diligent on eating right and increase my cardio workouts.
  2. Increase my strength and flexibility. I plan on working with our coaches and personal trainers to help develop a program that works for me, and around my injuries.
  3. Get my financial situation under control and plan for a trip to Thailand in 2012. Its been a dream of mine to train and explore the country.

Keep checking in with his blog to see how he progresses.

Anyone else keeping a fitness/training blog they’d like to share? Post your link in the comments section below. Also, feel free to drop me a note at jef[dot][email protected] if you’d like help setting up your own blog.

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