Results from the Kaos @ Kombat Arts Muay Thai Show

WOW what a great weekend!  First and foremost thanks for all of the volunteers, staff members, fight team, sponsors for helping put this great event together!  Thanks also goes out to Ivano for helping me manage the volunteers and for being a last minute replacement as an MC.  I am happy to say that Kombat Arts won all 5 of their matches!  This is through the efforts of all of the trainers, nutritionists, injury management team (yeah UST!) and countless sparring partners.  Here is the results from the night’s activities.  I have also included some piks, and I am sure to be getting some more.  Thanks to John Walker from for taking these.  I am sorry to say that Kevin Nabbie’s match vs Steve McCafferty of UMAC was cancelled, due to mismanagement of paperwork; but maybe we’ll do it up another time.  Well here goes:

Fred Ford of Titan Combat & Fitness wins over John Caughlin of Niagara Muay Thai via KO

Richard Pascual Kombat Arts wins over Paul Goring Renegade via unanimous decision

Andrea Nucci Kombat Arts wins over Stephanie Buchanan TKMT via unanimous decision

Fabian Lee Wing Renegade loses to John Patsidiotis Warrior MMA via decision

Julian Della Vedova Kombat Arts wins over Chris di Sabatino Joslins MMA via referee stoppage due to injury

Matt Settle Kombat Arts wins over James Maracle Impact Martial Arts via unanimous decision

Jermaine Haughton Point Blank Martial Arts & Fitness fights to a draw with Jeff Ferrar of TKO Fighting Arts

Daniel Sanchez Renegade wins over Michael Ouedraogo TKMT via referee stoppage safety

Paulo Dultra Kombat Arts wins over Chris da Costa Point Blank Martial Arts & Fitness via majority decision

Again what a great night, and I want to thank the Kombat Arts Family for their continuos efforts and support!  Jd