Shawn “Pain” Peters to head Saturday MMA classes

Kombat Arts is proud to announce that MMA veteran Shawn “Pain” Peters will be taking over the Saturday MMA classes starting next Saturday, Nov. 6. Pain’s fight experience goes back to 1997, when he KO’d  his first opponent in just 32 seconds. Since then, up until he went on hiatus in 2003, he’s been in the mix with some of the best, including UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes, Matt Hume,  and CJ Fernandes.

Since the curriculum at Kombat Arts already offers so many avenues for students to work on their striking abilities, you can look forward to Pain taking a more grappling-centric approach to his lesson plans. He’ll also be adding to the standard jiu-jitsu and wrestling approaches, delving more into judo, and how the throws and sweeps of the Japanese art of “the gentle way” can be used in MMA. (If you’ve ever seen Karo Parisyan or Yoshihiro Akiyama fight, you have a good idea what you’re in for. Fantastic stuff.)

Starting Nov. 6, Saturdays from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. are your chance to train with one of the pioneers of the Canadian MMA scene. Check out his highlight reel below: