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Parents...want your kids to gain Confidence, better Health and Discipline?

Then seriously consider having your child in one of our many Martial Arts programs 🥋🥊

They will also...

 🥊 Learn Bullyproofing techniques

🥊  Have better focus and listening skills

🥊 Have better manners and social skills

 🥊 Develop character and increased self esteem

Only 20 of these membership offers available.

Offer Expires on March 30, 2019, or until the 20 Special Memberships are sold.

Join and receive a Free Starter Kit or Gi (martial arts uniform for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), and a FREE MONTH for a friend or family member.

Register TODAY for our Free 10 Day Trial!


Student Summer Special

Students, release some school stress by coming in and smashing the heavy bags in our Boxing or Muay Thai classes, or hitting the mats in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class!

Get in great shape, gain some confidence, learn some self defence and learn a new skill.

Register today for our 10 day free trial class!


KOMBAT ARTS Martial Arts Summer Kamp

We are excited to have two weeks of our annual KOMBAT ARTS Martial Arts Summer Kamp!
Here are the dates: July 8 to July 12 and Aug 12 to Aug 16.
Here is a great opportunity for your child to:
  • Exercise
  • Make friends
  • Develop confidence
  • Learn about the martial arts
  • Increase focus and discipline
  • Learn anti bullying strategies and techniques
Parents, take advantage of the early bird special!  Register below, or message us at [email protected] for more information.

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Want to get in great shape, lose some extra weight and be ready for summer?

Well I am happy to say that for a LIMITED TIME we are accepting new participants for our next Summer Bod Bootcamp!!!

What will you get?!

  • Group support
  • Nutrition coaching
  • We will hold you accountable
  • Specific fitness classes to help you lose weight and get strong
  • Weekly weigh ins to track progress and adjustments to your nutrition

...and much more!

Registration is easy. Just click here to register:

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