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The Thai Kick

The Thai Kick

You really want to train in the Martial Arts but…

It’s hard right to train right now because a lot of training academies and dojos are closed down.

Even if they are open, classes might have to be smaller, forcing you to limit your training and appreciation for the Martial Arts.

For some people the threat of COVID is very serious, especially if you have an immunocompromised system.  Or live with someone who can be vulnerable to the virus.  This too can limit your ability to attend regular scheduled Martial Arts classes.

Scheduling for you might also be an issue, as you find your training academy on a limited schedule.  Or your work schedule might not allow you to attend as many classes as you wish.

You might be stuck at home, with limited equipment, and still want to reap the benefits of training in the Martial Arts with a coach.

And if you are on a budget, joining a regular Martial Arts academy is just not possible at the moment.

But if you give up right now, you totally lose out on the benefits of the Martial Arts.

You wouldn’t have the confidence you get from a stronger powerful physique, a flatter stomach, and finally being fit.

How would you feel if you were beaten up, or if you were not able to come to the aid of a loved one?

Martial Arts training can give you the knowledge to avoid a fight, escape or give you the confidence to defend yourself and your family.

Nowadays being healthy should be one of your priorities.  We all know that feeling of being home sick and weak.  And it’s not a good feeling.  We have a responsibility to reduce the possibility of getting sick or increase our chance of recovering from an illness or injury.

And with time, Martial Arts can lead to a greater sense of focus, discipline to achieve other goals and toughness.

Imagine coming to class on a regular basis, building your body, learning the skills to defend yourself, and then one day it’s all gone?

Well that happened on March 16, 2020, when we had to mandatory shut down for the quarantine. 

And because of that we left a lot of students hanging.

They had already invested a lot of time and money into their Martial Arts and fitness goals, and now they were not going to be able to train.

But we were able to quickly pivot and put together our 20 years of experience to provide live online training for our students.

And also able to put together a huge library of videos of Martial Arts techniques and workouts.

Now our students were able to train at home, with a coach, during our live sessions.

And there was no worries if they missed a class, because we saved all the workouts in our library.

Because this was sudden, most of our students had little to none equipment.  So most of our training sessions can be done with little to no gear.

But we also have classes that include the use of the heavy bag, pads, kettlebells or dumbbells.

The added bonus?  Students who were only training in one Martial Art, had access to other Martial Arts classes. 

Why? Because now it was cheaper and the schedule was more flexible online.

And they were able to share their training with other people who lived in the same house with them.  It was like Netflix for Martial Arts!  Tune into a Boxing class one day, or maybe a Krav Maga session another day.

Who Are We?

The Kombat Arts Training Academy came from humble beginnings, starting out with a very small number of dedicated students and instructors, who would gather to train in parking lots and public parks

Fast forward to the present, where today we have over approximately 20 instructors and close to 10 different Martial Art programs. Our gym was experiencing huge growth and the decision was made to move our academy to a 13, 000 sq ft facility!

We pride ourselves in offering close to 20 years of sharing our love of the Martial Arts and fitness with our community.

From free self defense courses and charity shows to help the Canadian Cancer Society, Sick Kids Hospital, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

To coaching amateur and professional competitors, and Olympic qualifiers we believe that martial arts can positively affect your life.

Take June here for example.

June with Kru Joey

“I was with Kombat Arts for more than 10 years till I moved to Hamilton a few years ago.  Kombat Arts was my second home then.

When I started I felt very intimidated but Kru Joey, and the knowledgeable instructors and staff made me feel welcome.

Kombat Arts keeps me motivated, focused and disciplined and I had fun while getting my butt kicked.  They offer different classes for all levels.

Due to the lockdown from coronavirus, Kombat Arts launched its online academy.  They offer at least 5 classes and more each day from Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, Konditioning, Meditation,  Jeet  Kune Do to Yoga.  I was delighted to be invited to join these online classes; they’re fun, motivating, and not easy.

They have a remarkable and dedicated team of instructors volunteering each day to keep us occupied during this pandemic time.  I think I’m fitter now than before the lockdown.

I miss my second home.  Thank you Team Kombat!!”

– June Kow

Just imagine how you too can be fitter at home, getting in your best shape with Martial Arts.

It’s completely possible with our Kombat Arts Online Academy.

Introducing the Kombat Arts Online Academy

Now you too can access our 20 years of experience, delivering the best in Martial Arts training.

Imagine walking into your living room, tuning into one of our live sessions, and being lead by a coach in a Krav Maga class.

Or coming home late from shift work, and at 4am you’re still pumped up, so you decide to play back one of our Muay Thai workouts.

Maybe you’re a beginner, and when you went to classes they were a little too fast for you, and you really want to work on your basics.  No problem, now you can watch our technical videos and really break down the technique for yourself.

Well we have put together two training packages for you, that you can try for FREE today.

FREE 7 Day Trial
$19.99/month afterwards
Best suited for users who are not on social media
FULL ACCESS to our library of 100+ videos.
FREE ACCESS to Muay Thai for Beginners course - valued at $39.95!
We constantly update our Library and Workout videos with NEW CONTENT.
Our Coaches workout with you! No need to time yourself during a workout.
Train at Home or Wherever
Cast our videos to your Chromecast
Cheaper than joining a Martial Arts Studio
No Social Media account required to access our library
Little to no equipment required
Mobile friendly website
No commitments
Cancel Anytime!
You won't be charged for FREE TRIAL!
Try Now!


As a special bonus today, we will give you this ebook titled

“Drillers are Killers”

This book is packed full of exercises, drills and workouts that we have used over the years to shed fat, get in great shape and help out athletes get ready for fights.

To try us for free, click on one of the packages that best suits you.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

We look forward to seeing you in our classes.

Team Kombat Arts