The word “Yoga” is said to stem from Sanskrit and it can mean union or  discipline.  Some have interpreted the word to mean a union of the body, mind and soul.  I can tell you that I definitely did not have that union yesterday  morning.  I had my 1st private lesson with Lori in Yoga.  Lori owns her own studio called Yatra Yoga.  A couple of things:

First of all Lori is an awesome instructor and made me feel real comfortable.  Her instruction was clear, articulate and filled with passion.  The good stuff that I look for in my instructors.  I would recommend her for Yoga training if you’re in Burnaby, BC area.  She also teaches out of the Gold’s Gym in the area, but I found the studio more to my liking.  She was very “gentle” with me for my first time and I found myself really enjoying the postures and the breathing exercises.  Yoga definitely stretched me out and challenged my strength; I even got a fairly good sweat going on.  Another thing that I found astounding was her breathing.  We take breathing for granted, and quite frankly we do it wrong.  I was amazed how deeply she breathed in and out; like I mean the room vibrated with her energy.  I felt like I was wheezing in comparison to her.  She also moved very well into each posture, matching each inhale and exhale with a positional change.  One thing that she said that struck me was “let your breathe move you.”  I will definitely have to contemplate this.  All in all it was a good experience and I will be training with her for the rest of the week.  I can also say  that by the end of the session I was a little closer to this coveted union 🙂   Namaste Lori

Afterwards  I chilled out at this 20 year old cafe with these old Italian dudes as I made my way through Sakyong Mipham’s Ruling Your World, another great book.  I must say I was distracted by the old guys, so I left them to their own devices and made my way to KB1 for training camp.

Mehdi was busy, so I busied myself with 9 two minute rounds with 1 min breaks on various heavy bags.  Afterwards I did a fight simulation with Mehdi, holding for 5 three minute rounds.  The last round was murder!  I was feeling it, and at times I was going to call it quits!  Afterwards I went back to work a drill on the bag that Mehdi gave me; for 6 three minute rounds with 30 sec breaks 🙂  Mehdi continued to spar a bit.   Here is a short video clip of Mehdi finishing a 9 minute round with Semmy Schilt’s little brother!


I got an opportunity to hang around with Perry and watch a bit.  Perry is Mehdi’s boxing coach.  I love hanging around for “story” time with Perry.  He is one of those olde school coaches, with a lot of charisma and wisdom that I hope to attain as a coach one day.

I finished my workout with a Tabata protocol on a Concept 2 Rower, using my Gym Boss to help me through.

The evening was done with Josip and I going off to Brown’s for Kobe burgers and yam fries.  Need that weight!!!  Tomorrow is more hell at the camp.  Be good guys-Jd