US vs THEM – Kombat takes on the Big Bad Box Gyms

US vs THEM – Kombat takes on the Big Bad Box Gyms

There are certain things students look for when selecting a gym. Some go for location, hours, convenience, or types of equipment. Others look for atmosphere, quality of instruction, class size and types of training offered.

Comparing The Kombat Arts Training Academy to (Insert Big Box Gym Name Here) at face value is comparing apples to oranges. One is a Martial Arts gym, the other is a building full of exercise equipment.  They are two different paths. Depending on your goals, you could use both to reach your best level of fitness. IF you are willing to put in the work.

So why choose Kombat over a big name gym?  Many choose Kombat Arts because they want to learn Martial Arts and get in shape at the same time. You get the benefits of a workout, plus the confidence and self-esteem benefits that come with learning an art. You don’t even realize that an hour has gone by in a class and you have burned more calories than you would by being a cardio bunny running on the hamster wheel. The warm up and cool downs for the classes incorporate full body movements and High Intensity Interval Training without you even realizing it. The movements associated are beneficial for your overall well-being and you are having so much fun that you barely notice.

The biggest reason that makes The Kombat Arts Training Academy shine more than any box gyms in my opinion and the opinion of many others, is the sense of community and family. You are more than a number, a dollar sign, a membership. You are a part of our community and part of our family. Our coaches want you to succeed in your goals. They will invest their time in you if you are willing to work for them. They see your potential often times when you don’t, and help you realize it.

The Kombat Arts Training Academy has been serving the GTA for 15 years. We will continue to provide the best training with the best staff and the best students for years to come. A lot of McDojo’s and shiny new training facilities have come and gone. Capitalizing on the boom of mixed martial arts or the next big training method, getting your membership dollars, and then disappearing overnight.  Still we remain.

In closing, I would like to thank all of the Coaches, Staff, and Students of The Kombat Arts Training Academy, from the first day newbie to the old school Kombat lifers. Thank you for being part of the great community of people that Kombat has become. Together we become better, as iron sharpens iron. We stand united under the banner of Kombat Arts and welcome all challengers.

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