What Do I Know

Many true words can be found at a funeral.  It was truly enlightening to see so many people come out to support Brad and his family.  It was also very heartwarming to see so many pictures of Frank and to hear their associated stories.  It makes you wonder what stories will be one day told of you.  Do you commit to your word?  Your vows?  Are you a person of integrity and principle?  Do you value your life?  I always find myself reflecting upon this stuff when I go to a funeral.

A very special person once taught me a lesson.  You should always let people know that they are loved and valued.  We go around being so negative that we sometimes forget to look for these great traits in people.  We sometimes forget how much we value someone, until that person is gone.  This was also a a common theme for today.

Finally it is so good to be in the company of friends and family; most of whom I have not seen in a LONG time.  It is so unfortunate that time is fleeting and that we rarely see each other; only coming together on occasions like today.  I am lucky and happy that my Kombat boys and girls came today to lend their support.   Words themselves cannot express how proud I am of you guys.  Brad we eagerly await your return to the club-Joey de Los Reyes