Yoga Class After Muay Thai this Saturday!

Yoga for Muay Thai“Yoga is something I will incorporate in my training schedule. Everything I do is really hard and I need something that is gonna help my body recuperate and stretch”-George St-Pierre

Yoga workshop this Saturday at 12.00pm. Some of you guys need it. In fact a lot of guys need it; you have the flexibility of a piece of board. The workshop will be after the 11 Muay Thai class and will be taught by Lisette N Gonzalez. You will need a Yoga mat. This workshop is free for the Kombat community; bring a friend for $10.00. How can Yoga help you?

Yoga for Fighters/Athletes
Imagine you at your best….only better! Your legs are stronger and faster, your punches are quicker and more effective, you’re more mentally focused and prepared than ever. Yoga can get you there!
The fact is that yoga is key to improving your fight game. It will increase your core and leg strength, flexibility, and mental focus.

Core/Leg Strength-
As fighters, our strength comes from our legs. Yoga poses allow you to strengthen the muscles thatare underdeveloped. Stability and balance come into play in most of all yoga poses so your core is challenged constantly.

By stretching and lengthening your muscles; both the muscles that you use all the time and those that you do not, you will develop a higher range of motion. You will be able to kick higher, and punch longer. You will also be loose in your body which will help improve your reaction time.

Mental Focus-

Throughout your yoga practice one of your biggest goalsis to be mentally present. You learn to bring your thoughts into the now when your brain starts to check out. Breathing is a key component in yoga, as it helps to calm the mind during challenging poses. Learning to use breath to calm the mind is imperative to your visualization exercises and to keep you calm before and during a fight.

Which yoga class is best suited for you?

During the grueling sessions of fight camp, restorative yoga is a great way to get all these benefits with minimal effort. In a relaxing environment you will stretch your body, open and lengthen your muscles using blocks and straps.

Add a strong alignment yoga class twice a week and you will notice the difference.

Make sure you come and bring a friend!

– Lisette Gonzalez