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Best Muay Thai Kickboxing in Mississauga

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Best Muay Thai Kickboxing in Mississauga

muay-thaiWhat is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing, is a beautiful, yet brutal martial art, that originated from the warriors of Thailand.  Practically every nation in the world has a historical record of fostering and development of martial arts, with or without the use of a weapon. Muay Thai, a combat sport of Thailand, is one of the oldest combat sports. Its founding was a consequence of constant battles of Thai people that developed specific deadly and close combat fighting skills. This skill needed to be learned fast and it was to be quickly applied in battlefields. At first, Muay Thai was supposed to be used in warfare, but it soon started turning into a sport performed for entertainment in front of spectators in various places – from local village tournaments to temples and even palaces. In recent times this skill was shaped as a sport in 1921, the year when the first Thailand's boxing ring was built.

What Muay Thai Can Do For You

Muay Thai is Great for Cardio Training

This one is obvious. Cardiovascular activity burns calories. Getting your heart rate up, and keeping it up throughout your workout, works out your heart and gets that fat burning. There aren’t many martial arts that can compare with the cardio workout you get from Muay Thai. The constant motion, round after round of punching, kicking, and conditioning drills that come with every Muay Thai workout are sure to burn fat and elevate your heart rate.

 Muay Thai Increases Your Strength

Muscles burn fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you are burning throughout the day, even while you are sitting at work. You can lose up to ½ lb of muscle mass every year, so it’s important to keep up with weight lifting and/or resistance training repetitions. In Muay Thai, every time you strike, whether it is an elbow, punch, knee or kick, you are tensing your muscles to their maximum at the final moment of impact. After a few rounds of Muay Thai, you will feel the fatigue. This is because the tensing of the muscles for strength is just like the effect of lifting weights or using resistance bands. In one Muay Thai class you could do hundreds of repetitions of punches and kicks, resulting in a full strength training workout.  Go HERE to learn more 2 more health and fitness benefits that you will gain from Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is Great for Self Defense

While Muay Thai is great for conditioning, it also teaches you to be very resilient and tough, a very aggressive fighting style and is able to flow smoothly between the kicking, punching and clinching range.  The clinch (close quarter) range in Muay Thai is very formidable, allowing you to control, strike and sweep your attacker.  It is great for self defense…but in some ways, Muay Thai is also limited. Check out this article HERE, to learn more about the Strengths and Weaknesses of Muay Thai (and other martial arts that we offer), with respect to self defence.

muay-thaiWhy KOMBAT ARTS?

All martial arts clubs, and businesses for that matter have a Mission Statement.  We don’t have one at KOMBAT ARTS.  We have a Mission Question:

How might we make your life better with Martial Arts?

This Mission Question forces us to always look at ways to improve the learning experience for our students.

Are you a beginner? No problem! We have been helping students, like you for over 18 years!  And we have a patented program that we use to train all of our beginners.  Want to learn more?  Then check out this KOMBAT article to learn how we are different than other schools.

Better yet…come in for a FREE 10 Day Muay Thai Training Trial.  You can go HERE to register for the FREE TRIAL.

How will you benefit from the Intro lesson?

- It is a semi-private class with a limited number of students that are at your skill level. If you are more advanced, we will adjust the lesson plan to suit your skill level

- Be introduced to the basics of your chosen martial art(s).

- Go at your own fitness level.

- Try all of our programs to see what the best fit is for you.

- See how the classes fit in your schedule.

- Experience the atmosphere that has made KOMBAT ARTS so successful at sharing martial arts with others, for over 18 years.

- Ask as many questions in person, to learn as much as possible about our school.

- Finally, we also get to see if you’re a good fit for our academy.

So gear up in your Muay Thai shorts and join us for 10 days of free training. Learn the techniques of Muay Thai. get in great shape and make some new friends! Please watch this video to find the Best Muay Thai Kickboxing gym in Mississauga. https://youtu.be/jdQub-jUObs
UPDATED Dec 30, 2017.

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